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mail redirect thunderbird

Thunderbird 91 is available as a manual upgrade

Thunderbird 91, a new major version of the open source cross platform email and communication client, has been released. The new version of Thunderbird is not yet available via the email client's […]

Adguard AdBlocker chrome extension

Top 4 Chrome ad blockers that you need to know about

Best Ad Blockers for Chrome Ads are one of the biggest annoyances that you will come across while surfing the internet. Websites place ad banners, and when visitors view the ads or […]

Android 12 beta 4 released and when to expect the stable version

Android 12 beta 4 released and when to expect the stable version

We are edging closer to the official release of Android 12 as the last beta version is finally released. This beta 4 version marks the last step in software testing before the […]

BlueStacks - supporting Android versions beyond Nougat

BlueStacks - supporting Android versions beyond Nougat

BlueStacks is a very popular Android emulator which until now was limited to Android 7 Nougat versions. However, with the latest release of BlueStacks beta 5, the emulator can now support Android […]

Ghacks Deals: Microsoft 365 Certified - Fundamentals (MS-900)

Microsoft 365 Certified - Fundamentals (MS-900) is an eLearning course that helps you understand core Microsoft 365 services and concepts. The course preps students for Microsoft's MS-900 certification exam, but may also […]

firefox suggest

Firefox Suggest: Mozilla is testing custom search and sponsored suggestions in the United States

Firefox Suggest is a new custom search and sponsored suggestions feature of Mozilla's Firefox web browser. The feature is being tested on a limited number of Firefox installations in the United States […]

dnslookupview dns log

Log all DNS activity on your Windows PCs with DNSLookupView

DNSLookupView is a new portable application by Nirsoft, which logs all DNS activity on Windows devices. DNS is a cornerstone of the Internet, as it translates domain names such as into […]

nortonlifelock avast merger

NortonLifeLock and Avast Merger would create a new cyber security behemoth

Avast could soon become part of NortonLifeLock, provided that the shareholders of both companies and regulators approve the deal. The company announced plans for a mixed cash and stock merger on August […]

Google is working on keeping kids safer online with a new image policy

Google is working on keeping kids safer online with a new image policy

Google has announced a new policy set to be released within the next few weeks to give minors more control over their digital footprint. This new policy will make it possible for […]

Signal has a new message timer to make disappearing messages a default

Signal has established itself as a major privacy-oriented app. Now with this latest message timer feature, that belief has been pushed even further. Signal is rolling out a new feature where users […]

export windows drivers dism

How to export Windows drivers using DISM

Did you know that you can use the built-in tool DISM on Windows machines to export drivers? Windows comes with a set of drivers to make sure that most hardware devices work […]

microsoft windows security updates august 2021

Microsoft Windows Security Updates August 2021 overview

Microsoft has released security updates and non-security updates for its Windows operating system on today's Patch Day. Updates are available for all client and server versions of Microsoft Windows, as well as […]

Ghacks Deals: The Complete DevOps & Deployment Technologies Bundle ($39)

The Complete DevOps & Deployment Technologies Bundle includes seven courses that cover various DevOps related skills such as Jenkins, Docker, GitHub, Chef, Vagrant and Ansible. Courses can be accessed for lifetime, and […]

Google is urging users away from Hangouts and to Chat

Google is urging users away from Hangouts and to Chat instead

Google has made it clear that Hangouts is going away. Now, they are starting to take steps to implement this change by urging users to begin using Google Chat instead. This is […]

mozilla privacy pack

Mozilla's plan to offer a Privacy Pack

Mozilla, maker of Firefox and other products, plans to offer a Privacy Pack later this year. Mozilla Privacy Pack combines the organization's products Firefox Relay, Firefox Monitor and Mozilla VPN into a […]

More Material You features are becoming apparent

More Material You features are becoming apparent: new design elements, Google Files, and Chrome makeover

Material You was announced at this years I/O Conference as the newest design language and successor to Material Theming. During the unveiling, Google also introduced how Android app developers could use this […]

firefox 91.0 release

Firefox 91 release overview: new ESR base, Simplified Printing, new HTTPS-First Policy

Firefox 91 is the latest stable version of the web browser. Released on August 10, 2021, it is replacing Firefox 90 and previous versions of the stable branch of the browser. All […]

firefox 91 esr

Firefox ESR 91: new ESR version will be released tomorrow

Mozilla plans to release new versions of its Firefox web browser on Tuesday 10, 2021. The organization does so every 4-weeks on average, but tomorrow's release is special, as it is the […]

Free Xiaomi M1 11 Ultras to all Indian Olympic medalists

Indian Olympic medalists are in for a treat! Xiaomi Indias owner, Manu Kumar Jain, has announced that all of the Indian medalists at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will be receiving […]

Latest security updates for Oppo devices in August

Latest security updates for Oppo devices in August: vulnerability fixes and ColorOS roll-out

Oppo has recently released the complete security bulletin, which details the Android security patch released for August. The Oppo security patch includes all the improvements and fixes Google made to the Android […]

download google keep notes

How to download and convert Google Keep notes

Google Keep is Google's official note taking service and application. It is available as a web version, on Android, and as a browser extension for Google Chrome. Since it is built-in on […]

chrome privacy and security review

How useful is Google Chrome's new Privacy and Security review tool?

Google is working on a new Chrome tool, called Privacy and Security review, which complements the browser's Safety Check feature. Safety Check, designed to check standard protections, extensions, passwords, device software and […]

startup sentinel

Manage Windows Startup Programs with Startup Sentinel

Startup Sentinel is a portable startup programs manager for Microsoft Windows devices. The program is developed by KC Softwares, best known for the software update monitor SUMO. Startup Sentinel is provided as […]

steam new downloads manager

Steam's latest update improves the management of downloads

Valve released a new beta update for its Steam gaming client this week that improves the management of downloads significantly. While in beta currently, it usually takes a couple of weeks before […]

microsoft edge vertical tabs no titlebar

Microsoft Edge 93: hide the titlebar in vertical tab mode

The upcoming Microsoft Edge 93 web browser includes vertical tab mode improvements. Users may flip a switch in Edge to hide the browser's titelbar to gain extra pixels while using vertical tabs. […]

Is a Google One and Play Pass bundle on the horizon?

Is a Google One and Play Pass bundle on the horizon?

Yes, you heard right. Google One will be offering its subscription in a discounted bundle alongside Play Pass. This is according to a teardown of Google One by 9to5Google. The Google One […]

Google Photos finally released a memories widget for Android

Google Photos releases a memories widget for Android

Google Photos is finally releasing a memory widget for some Android users, following a similar widget release for iOS users last year. This widget is said to allow users to rediscover moments […]

Aussies can save their vaccination cards via Google Pay

Google Pay has announced that all users who have an existing Google Pay account can now save a copy of their certificate on the app. This means that they will have it […]

web archives

Web Archives: view archived and cached versions of webpages

Web Archives is an open source browser extension for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and other Firefox-based and Chromium-based web browsers, which you may use to display archived and cached versions […]

IMDb TV finally gets a dedicated Android App

IMDb TV finally gets a dedicated Android App

When you think of Amazons streaming service, the first thing that comes to mind is Prime Video. However, this is not the only streaming service that Amazon has available. IMDb TV, which […]

Ghacks Deals: Pay What You Want: Adobe CC A-Z Lifetime Course Bundle

The Adobe CC A-Z Lifetime Course Bundle is a Pay What You Want deal. Pay at least $1 to unlock one of the courses, or beat the average price, currently $17.93 to […]

facebook privacy

Facebook scatters privacy settings all over the place on mobile

Every other year, Facebook announces that it has changed the settings of its web version and/or applications. This month's change is rolling out to all users of Facebook's mobile application, and its […]

WhatsApps View Once message feature has arrived

View Once is a new feature thats finally available on WhatsApp. The beta version was released in July 2021, and after successful testing, is now being rolled out to all WhatsApp users. […]

WhatsApp encryption - does Facebook want to overcome it?

WhatsApp encryption - does Facebook want to overcome it?

Facebook has confirmed that they have hired a team of researchers to figure out a way to get past end-to-end encryption. One of the privacy features that we appreciate about the WhatsApp […]

iceraven firefox android

Is Iceraven the better Firefox for Android mobile browser?

About two years ago, Mozilla revealed plans to replace the then-current version of its Firefox web browser for Android with a redesigned browser. The new browser would offer better performance and web […]

firefox opening

A close look at Firefox 91's new file download opening behavior

Mozilla plans to change the file download opening behavior in Firefox 91. Up until now, Firefox users may choose to save or open files that they want to download. Saving puts the […]

The Edge web browser for Android and its future

New Edge web browser launched for Android

Over the last few years, the Microsoft Edge web browser has won over many users on both Windows and Apple devices. Six weeks ago, they released a beta version on the Canary […]

vivaldi 4.1 stay in browser

Vivaldi 4.1 for Android: stay in browser feature and tab stacks support

Vivaldi released a new version of its Vivaldi web browser for Android on August 4, 2021. Vivaldi 4.1 is available via Google Play for devices running Android 5 or higher. Existing users […]

LocalCDN Chrome Extension

8 Chrome security extensions that can help protect your privacy

Best Security Extensions for Chrome Modern browsers provide good protection against online threats. Google Safe Browsing, for example helps users stay safe online from malicious websites that may indulge in phishing, scams, […]