The main purpose of backups is to have continued access to data if the primary data source gets deleted or corrupted. Some operating systems, like Microsoft Windows, ship with basic backup options; all in all though it is recommended to run third-party backup software as it provides better backup and recovery options.
Backup software often offers to store the data in various locations. Some support backups on local hard drives, network shares or removable storage, while others may provide you with cloud backup options. Below is our selection of backup reviews, tips and news.

picbackman backup images

PicBackMan backups images to various cloud hosting services

If you like to transfer images or photos that you own to a server on the Internet, a Flickr account for instance or a Facebook photo gallery, you may stumble upon limitations […]

file history save files

Change how often File History saves copies of files in Windows 8

File History is one of those new features in Windows 8 that I'm excited about. It is an opt-in feature unfortunately that may be overlooked by the majority of Windows 8 users […]

restore individual system restore files

How to restore individual files from System Restore points

Today I noticed that all of the files that I had saved on the desktop in Windows 7 were gone. The only icon that I saw on the desktop was the Recycle […]

create system restore point

How to create Windows System Restore points at startup

The system restore feature of the Windows operating system offers an option to revert the system back to a previous point in time. Windows creates automatic system restore points on certain events, […]

windows 8 control panel

Windows 8 Built-in File Backup

There is perhaps no more important thing for users to do than backup their files.  Hard drive crashes can happen unexpectedly and the risk of losing important and irreplaceable files like family pictures is […]

backup box

Backup Box: Move cloud hosted files directly between providers and servers

Sometimes you may want to move files hosted somewhere on the Internet to another server or provider. While you could download the files to your local computer - if you do not […]

windows game cheats

Windows game cheats: enable debug mode in Minesweeper, Solitaire and FreeCell

Games are not installed by default under Windows 7 Professional, and up until now I felt no urge to install them on the computer using the add features dialog in the Windows […]

file history

Windows 8 File History, file auto-backup feature

File History is a new feature of Windows 8 that Microsoft revealed yesterday in a new article on the Building Windows 8 blog. It is basically a file backup service that is […]

ace backup

How To Schedule Cloud Hosting Data Backups

With every major Internet company offering their own cloud hosting and synchronization service, it is time to look at ways to make use of that extra storage. One option that you have […]

easeus todo backup workstation

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation Review

When it comes to making backups of data stored on your computer, you have got a lot to consider. Two of the most important aspects are the frequency of backups, and the […]

Three Quarters of EU Firms Not Ready to Recover from IT Failures

Almost three quarters of companies and public-sector organisations across nine European countries might not recover all of their data if they suffer an IT failure according to a new report released by […]

How to maintain a good security and backup strategy, Part 1 - the Home

Data is now everywhere and we store pretty much everything as data.  Contacts, diaries, music, photographs, videos, conversations, business records, everything is data.  In fact more and more people are shredding the […]

backup folder sync

Backup Folder Sync, Mirror Your Data Backups

Depending on your backup strategy, you may mirror your data backups for additional protection. One option here is to create a local system backup first and copy the backups to a remote […]

gfi backup

Using GFI Backup Free Edition to Backup Files to an External Drive

Backing up data on your computer is important and most users know this. Windows features a backup utility that allows you to backup your system and files. This is a useful utility […]

macrium reflect free 5

Macrium Reflect Free 5, Free Disk Backup Software

When it comes to selecting the right backup software, you have to analyze your individual needs before looking for the right package. Some questions that you need to answer are the following: […]

Backing up and Restoring Windows Drivers

The hardware driver support in Windows 7 is just fantastic, especially with consumer hardware with more and more companies submitting their drivers for official certification from Microsoft than ever before.  This not […]

windows 7 backup

Use Windows 7 Backup to Schedule Automatic File Backups

Backing up your data is essential. Many of us keep important documents on our computers that include work files, pictures of the kids, insurance documents, even bank statements. Many of these files […]

Advanced Data Backup Considerations

In a home environment, many people neglect to backup their files and systems, and are then devastated when their computer fails taking all their precious files they’ve been collecting with it. Some […]

partition hard-drive

Backup Data to a Virtual Hard Drive in Windows 7

Not many are aware that it is possible to create Virtual Hard Drive images in Windows 7. Backing up your data is important and this article will detail how to backup data […]

jdownloader backup

How To Recover A Broken JDownloader Download Queue

When I'm downloading files from file hosting websites I often use JDownloader for a more convenient download experience. While it still does not automate the captcha entering process before downloads start, it […]

semper driver backup

Semper Driver Backup For Windows

Semper Driver Backup is a free driver backup software for Microsoft Windows devices to back up and restore system drivers. Microsoft has improved driver support in the Windows operating system a lot […]

backup folders

Duplicati, Automate Local, Remote Backups

When you review a lot of backup software like I do, you notice similarities and differences. There are however features that make backup programs more attractive, like an uncomplicated setup, sufficient local […]

backup steam game files

How To Backup Steam Games

Steam users have several reasons for backing up some of their Steam games. Maybe they want to move the games to a new computer so that they do not have to download […]

true crypt backup

How To Backup True Crypt Data To Be Prepared For Emergencies

I have been using the encryption software True Crypt for years and ran only once into a situation where I nearly lost all the data on one of the partitions. Back then […]

avg livekive

AVG LiveKive Lauched, Get 5GB Online Storage For A Year

Dropping transfer rate costs per Gigabyte and faster connection speeds make the online storage niche attractive. One of the latest players to enter is AVG, developer of popular antivirus solutions. Update: AVG […]

firefox backup

MozBackup Updated, Backup Firefox

Firefox 4 users have two backup options at hand when it comes to creating backups of the web browser (or more precisely their user profile); They can make use of the built-in […]

source backup

Protect Your Source Code With Source Backup

Most development programs have built-in options to save or backup the source files automatically. While that's definitely helpful it sometimes may not be enough as they are stored on the same computer […]

bigcloud archives

BigCloud Archives, File Archiving, Backup Solution

It sometimes can be hard to keep an overview of files, especially if they are scattered around on the local hard drive, network drives, the Internet and backups. If you have ever […]

usb flash copy

USB Flash Copy, Automatically Backup Data From Removable Devices

USB Flash Copy is a handy tool for users who want to backup contents on some or all removable devices that are connected to a computer system running the software. The free […]

EU to Fund €16m Research Project into Cloud Storage

The technology we use every day is move ever more relentlessly towards the cloud.  This isn't a new concept, it's been around since the birth of Hotmail and other similar webmail services. […]

copyto synchronizer

CopyTo Synchronizer, Synchronize And Backup Software

CopyTo Synchronizer, a once commercial software has been released as a freeware a few days ago. The free software offers an impressive set of options to back up and synchronize data. It […]

bookmarks backup

Bookmarks Backup, Web Browser Backup Tool

It is always a good idea to create regular backups of important programs and most computer users include Internet browsers in today's online centric world. There are different options to backup web […]

Backup your Linux desktop with Simple Backup

There are tons of possible backup solutions for the Linux desktop (and/or server). I have covered a number of possible solutions here on Ghacks. One of my favorite (and the one I […]

roadkills unstoppable copier

File Recovery Software Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier 5 Released

Many computer users eventually come in the situation that they encounter damaged or corrupt files on their hard drives, other storage devices, CDs or DVDs. The possibilities increase with the age of […]

128Gb Blu-ray XL Specification finalised

The next monster disc is just around the corner but possibly bad news for PC users who have upgraded their machine with a blu-ray writer.  The Blu-ray Disc Association have now published […]

Backup and restore Evolution

How many times have you migrated from one Linux box to another, only to say goodbye to your email and knowing you were going to have to set your email client up […]

Backup with rsnapshot

If you are looking for a command line utility to handle all of your Linux backup needs, you really need look no further than this tool that bases itself off of the perennial […]

version control

Version Control And Backup Software AutoVer

A single backup is sometimes not enough which is especially true for files that are changed a lot. Think of a programmer who saves dozens of revisions of the same file throughout […]

opera import export

Opera Settings Import And Export Tool

Opera users who want to synchronize the web browser can do that with Opera Link easily. Opera Link synchronizes bookmarks, notes, the browser history and a few settings between browsers if the […]

Unlimited online storage? Voilà!

The internet weather has been turning somewhat cloudy in recent years and by saying that I don't mean to start another discussion about (important) Net neutrality here but rather to bring up […]



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