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The Google Android operating system is a Linux-based system that has been primarily been designed for mobile use and touch-enabled devices. It has been initially developed by Android Inc. which Google purchased in 2005. What makes Android special is that it is released as Open Source which gives phone manufacturers the right to modify and distribute phones running Android. The large number of community developers producing apps for Android has attributed to the operating system’s success as well.
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Android 12 beta 4 released and when to expect the stable version

Android 12 beta 4 released and when to expect the stable version

We are edging closer to the official release of Android 12 as the last beta version is finally released. This beta 4 version marks the last step in software testing before the […]

BlueStacks - supporting Android versions beyond Nougat

BlueStacks - supporting Android versions beyond Nougat

BlueStacks is a very popular Android emulator which until now was limited to Android 7 Nougat versions. However, with the latest release of BlueStacks beta 5, the emulator can now support Android […]

Signal has a new message timer to make disappearing messages a default

Signal has established itself as a major privacy-oriented app. Now with this latest message timer feature, that belief has been pushed even further. Signal is rolling out a new feature where users […]

Free Xiaomi M1 11 Ultras to all Indian Olympic medalists

Indian Olympic medalists are in for a treat! Xiaomi Indias owner, Manu Kumar Jain, has announced that all of the Indian medalists at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will be receiving […]

Latest security updates for Oppo devices in August

Latest security updates for Oppo devices in August: vulnerability fixes and ColorOS roll-out

Oppo has recently released the complete security bulletin, which details the Android security patch released for August. The Oppo security patch includes all the improvements and fixes Google made to the Android […]

Google Photos finally released a memories widget for Android

Google Photos releases a memories widget for Android

Google Photos is finally releasing a memory widget for some Android users, following a similar widget release for iOS users last year. This widget is said to allow users to rediscover moments […]

WhatsApps View Once message feature has arrived

View Once is a new feature thats finally available on WhatsApp. The beta version was released in July 2021, and after successful testing, is now being rolled out to all WhatsApp users. […]

WhatsApp encryption - does Facebook want to overcome it?

WhatsApp encryption - does Facebook want to overcome it?

Facebook has confirmed that they have hired a team of researchers to figure out a way to get past end-to-end encryption. One of the privacy features that we appreciate about the WhatsApp […]

The Edge web browser for Android and its future

New Edge web browser launched for Android

Over the last few years, the Microsoft Edge web browser has won over many users on both Windows and Apple devices. Six weeks ago, they released a beta version on the Canary […]

Swiftkey: the bridge between Android and Windows

Google started restricting clipboard access with the release of Android 10. This was a significant blow to cross-platform syncing clipboard apps. However, since the restriction was placed, many apps have started to […]

The Android August Security Patch is Available for Pixel Phones

Android August security patch is available for Pixel phones

A new month just cannot start without a Google Security Update. Google started rolling out the security patch to Samsung phones at the end of July already, although the August update only […]

Material You Is Already Here With a Contacts Makeover

Material You is already here with a Contacts makeover

The wait for Android 12s official release is still ongoing, with us being a beta or so away. However, the release is drawing closer, and we're already starting to see the effects […]

Android Development Made Easier by Jetpack Compose 1.0 Release

Android development made easier by Jetpack Compose 1.0 release

Android developers rejoice! Jetpack Compose 1.0 is finally here. It has been a long wait since being introduced in 2019, and finally releasing a Canary build earlier this year. But now it's […]

The Security Mystery of Android Apps and the Google Play Store Revealed

Security mystery of Android apps and Google Play Store revealed

Google is lifting the veil of mystery surrounding the Play Stores upcoming safety section. And we cant be more grateful. They have detailed that Android apps in the Google Play Store will […]

Google TV for Android Has More Streaming and Live Services

Google TV for Android has more streaming and live services

After the Android TV update last week, Google is now focussing on a major update to the Google TV app for your Android TV and other Android devices. This update brings support […]

Leaked Codename for Android 13

Leaked Codename for Android 13

We are all still patiently waiting for the release of the official Android 12, which is currently in beta 3 and should be released in mid-August, and already there are leaks for […]

kiwi browser android

Android's Kiwi Browser will follow Chromium releases more closely soon

Kiwi Browser is a third-party Chromium-based web browser for Google's Android operating system that packs a lot of features. Probably the most noteworthy is the browser's support for Chrome extensions; while not […]

Android 12 Beta 3.1 Update - Here to Squash Bugs?

We were all waiting with bated breath when earlier in the month we were introduced to the latest beta version of Android 12. This release brought along a whole bunch of new […]

Android Data Restore Tool Now on the Play Store After Overhaul

If youre an advent Android user, you have no doubt used the Data Restore Tool before. This tool comes pre-installed with most new Android phones. Its a very convenient app for migrating […]

Android 12 Easter Egg - a Sneak Preview of Material You

As with every new version of Android, its never complete without an easter egg surprise, and Android 12 doesn't disappoint. Although were still waiting for the release of Android 12, weve received […]

android test water resistance

Is your Android device water resistant? An App promises to tell you

Water Resistant Tester is an application for Google's Android operating system. It is designed to test the water resistant level of the device to tell you if the device is water resistant. […]

Firefox Lite is dead: development has ended

Firefox Lite, a mobile version of the Firefox web browser designed specifically for Asia, won't receive any updates anymore after June 30, 2021. Developed by Mozilla Taiwan, Firefox Lite was released in […]

android select search engine

Google ends search provider auctions on Android

Google displays a search engine selection screen on Android devices in some regions of the world, including the European Union. The majority of Android devices have Google Search as the default search […]

openboard keyboard android

OpenBoard is a privacy-friendly keyboard for Android

OpenBoard is a free privacy-friendly open source keyboard based on AOSP for Android devices. Widely used Android keyboards such as Google's or Microsoft's keyboards are not necessarily the best choice when it […]

chrome open in tab

Restore "Open in Tab" In Google Chrome on Android (disable Tab Grouping)

Google introduced Tab Groups in the company's Chrome web browser some time ago. The main idea behind tab groups is to improve the manageability of tabs in the browser by grouping them […]

skytube youtube app android open source

SkyTube: open source YouTube app for Android with ad-blocking and video downloading

SkyTube is an open source third-party YouTube application for Android that users may install and use instead of the official YouTube application. SkyTube offers a view-only experience, which means that it does […]

twire twitch app android

Twire is an open source ad-free Twitch app for Android

Twire is an open source Twitch client for Android that is ad-free and easy to use. Twitch is a popular destination when it comes to (mostly) game related streams; you may watch […]

simple gallery pro android

Simple Gallery Pro for Android is a local Google Photos alternative

Simply Gallery Pro is a free photo management application for Google Android devices that works well as a replacement for Google Photos, provided that sync functionality is not required. I'm in the […]

binary eye

BinaryEye is an open source ad-free barcode scanner for Android

BinaryEye is a highly rated open source barcode and QR code reader for Android devices that supports generating codes as well. Modern Android versions include QR scanning functionality provided that Google Apps […]

readian news

Readian News is an Android and web-based news reader that puts you in control

Readian News is a brand new news reader application for Google Android devices and a web news reader. It puts users in control when it comes to news sources and topics to […]

google play timeline

Starting 2022, Google Play Android apps have to reveal data collecting and sharing information

All Android applications that are available on Google Play will soon have to provide information on its data collecting, sharing and other privacy information. Google VP Suzanne Frey announced the plan today […]

biscuitbrowser android firefox

SmartCookieWeb Preview is a Telemetry-free browser based on Mozilla's GeckoView component

The developer of SmartCookieWeb, a WebView-based mobile browser for Android that is based on Lightning browser, has released public beta versions of the upcoming GeckoView-based browser SmartCookieWeb Preview for Android. Like SmartCookieWeb, SmartCookieWeb […]

google play application titles

Google is doing something against misleading Play Store titles, names and icons

If you have been to Google's Play Store recently, the Android application repository for lots of devices, then you may have encountered a fair share of applications and games that tried to […]

chrome 64-bit

Google is pushing 64-bit Chrome on Android

If you are using Chrome on Android devices, you may run a 64-bit version of the browser after the upgrade to Chrome 89 on the device, instead of the 32-bit version of […]

snapseed- eview

Snapseed is a powerful mobile photo-editing app

Snapseed is a free photo-editing application by Google for the mobile operating systems Android and iOS. Third-party tools are often superior to those that ship with operating systems by default; this is […]

whatsapp automatic replies

Open Source Watomatic Android app sends automatic WhatsApp replies

Regular WhatsApp accounts don't come with options to send automatic replies, e.g. to inform users who contact you that you are on Holiday or decided to migrate away from WhatsApp because of […]

exodus android trackers

List trackers and permissions of all installed Android applications with Exodus

Exodus is a free privacy application for Google's Android operating system that reveals the use of trackers of installed Android applications and their permissions. We reviewed Exodify, browser extensions by the Exodus […]

firefox 85 android

Firefox 85 for Android released with DRM stream support and usability improvements

Mozilla released Firefox 85.0 Stable for all supported desktop operating systems last week. Firefox 85 is the first stable version of Firefox without Flash support, and Mozilla did add a number of […]

firefox android addons extensions support

Firefox for Android is still miles away from full extension support

When Mozilla launched the redesigned Firefox mobile browser for Android, codename Fenix, in 2020, it knew that the new browser did not support all the features of the previous one. The organization […]

photok-protect photos images android

Protect your Android photos with Photok from prying eyes

Photok is a free open source application for Google Android devices that provides you with options to store photos on the Android device in a protected environment to add another layer of […]



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