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facebook lite android

Facebook Lite makes a return as a mobile application

Remember Facebook Lite? Facebook experimented with a low-resource version of the website back in 2009 and discontinued the site a year later in 2010 citing that Facebook Lite was not optimized for […]

facebook local archive

Find out what Facebook knows about you

Most Facebook users know that Facebook knows a lot about them but most do not know what this includes. Some information are obvious; the things you post online or information that you […]

facebook seen

Block "Seen" messages on Facebook

Whenever you receive a message on Facebook and read it, a notification appears in the sender's chat box that you have seen the message. It states "seen" followed by the time that […]

facebook interest based ads

How to disable interest-based advertisement on Facebook

Advertising companies have various methods at their disposal to display advertisement to web users. The best, from a business perspective, is to know as much as possible about a user to display […]

facebook save this link

What is Facebook Saved?

Facebook rolled out Saved a couple of months ago both on the web interface and Facebook apps on Android and iOS mobile devices. The problem is that it is not really advertised […]


Facebook to set post visibility to friends for new users

Facebook is known for its notoriously complex privacy settings that even experienced users have a hard time configuring correctly. One of the things that the company gets criticized for regularly is that […]

facebook top stories

You may miss out on Facebook posts, and there is little you can do about it

When a company like Facebook believes that it knows better which updates you want to see than you, and does not make it easy to display all posts of friends on Facebook […]

facebook anonymous login

Facebook Anonymous Login: what is it?

Third-party developers can make use of Facebook's new anonymous login feature as well as an improved Facebook Login feature to provide users with options to log in to their apps or services […]

auto-play videos setting facebook

How to disable auto-play videos on Facebook

Facebook introduced a new form of advertisement recently on the site. While it is not enabled for all users yet, it is enabled for you if you have noticed auto-playing videos in […]

facebook news feed

How to modify your Facebook news feed

I do have a Facebook account, but only use it sporadically to see what is going on. I'm not really active on the site, don't play games, don't use chat that often, […]


How is Facebook ever going to make money from its recent acquisitions?

Shortly after Facebook acquired the popular messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion USD it acquired the the company developing the Oculus Rift VR for $2 billion USD. Whenever Facebook acquires a new […]

facebook messenger for windows

Facebook's Windows Messenger will be shut down

If you want to chat with your friends or contacts on Facebook, you can either do so directly on the site, or use one of the messenger applications that Facebook has created […]

following button facebook

Facebook improves news feed filtering with new Following button

Your Facebook news feed offers chronological access to posts that your Facebook friends make on the site. Depending on how you use the site and who you have befriended on it, you […]

facebook government id

Facebook asking locked out users to provide Government ID

If you have opened Twitter today you may have noticed an increase in messages reporting that the social media site Facebook was asking them to provide a Government ID to unlock their […]

block annoyances facebook

Adblock Plus blocks some Facebook annoyances now (if you want)

Facebook has been the dominating social networking site on the Internet for the past years. Even Google with all its might did not manage to push its Google+ service past Facebook. While […]


Official Facebook application for Windows 8.1 launches

Good news for users of the Windows 8.1 operating system: Facebook just launched its official application for the system so that users of it can now use the official app instead of […]

facebook graph search

How to limit the audience of past posts on Facebook

Up until recently Facebook's Graph Search was limited to recent posts and activities. Facebook a couple of days ago changed that so that the search is now covering all of the social […]

facebook for android beta tester

How to become a Facebook for Android Beta Tester

I'm not really using any social networking on my Android phone. Mainly because I think it is a waste of time, and I also do not like the idea of checking up […]