The social networking site Facebook has seen phenomenal growth ever since its launch in 2004. It was the first social network in Internet history to reach over 1 billion active users. Users need to register a Facebook account before they can use what the site has to offer. Each account is linked to a user profile that contains public and private information about the user. One of the appeals of Facebook is that you can quickly befriend other users of the site which then become your friends if they accept the invitation. You follow your friends automatically from that moment on and see what they have been up to lately

The site on top of that features options to upload photos and videos to the site, use applications that extend the functionality, play games alone or with friends, or join groups to chat or exchange information with each other.

Facebook is high profile target on today’s Internet with malicious users using the site to spread malicious links, malware and advertisement. Many users run into problems in regards to site logins or issues with Facebook’s login page that
we have addressed here on Ghacks. You find Facebook news, tutorials, tips and tricks and reviews below.



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